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In Miami, young people from 14 to 17 years old take part in internships allowing them to apprehend the business world. They have a week to prepare and present a business plan.

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PUCMM firma convenio con Biznovator

Acuerdo con la finalidad de llevar a cabo actividades de formación para el desarrollo de las competencias de los estudiantes de la Escuela de Negocios de la Universidad.

Convenio concederá a los alumnos la oportunidad de realizar capacitaciones que les permitan desarrollar sus habilidades blandas, tales como capacidad de liderazgo, relaciones interpersonales, actitud positiva, entre otras.

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Global News Radio – Jeff McArthur

Forget kayaking and hiking – this summer camp is teaching kids how to be business savvy

GUEST: Juan Pablo Casimiro, Founder and CEO of Biznovator

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Ismael Cala and BIZNOVATOR allied

“i-Exponential Camp” in Miami, an experiential training intended to optimize youngster’s potential

Ismael Cala, strategist, communicator and bestselling author joined with Biznovator, leaded by Juan Pablo Casimiro, to launch i-Exponential Camp at the University of Miami this summer, an enriching experience targeted towards providing new generations with tools meant to optimize their developmental potential.

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SAP and BIZNOVATOR launch 2019 Social Impact Challenge

Six schools both public and private, will take part in the Challenge.

Students from public and private schools in Miami Dade County, FL., will participate in Challenge to develop projects with a social impact in their communities.

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The Catch-22 of CSR

Employees may work less if they suspect a selfish motivation behind corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Of the largest 250 companies in the world, more than 90 percent publish annual CSR reports full of glossy photos and flowery messaging around strengthening communities and minimizing environmental impacts.

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Kids aren’t failing school–school is failing kids

A new report delves into how our education system is letting them down.

Work hard in school, and you’ll be successful. That is something every kid in America hears, and believes. This mandate, though, leaves out an important side of the equation: Is school working for kids?

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American Generation Fast Facts

From millennials to the greatest generation

Here’s a look at five generations of Americans in the 20th century: the Greatest Generation (or GI Generation), the Silent Generation, baby boomers, Generation X and millennials.

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The Workforce’s Newest Members: Generation Z

Meet Generation Z.

Get ready, here comes Generation Z! This generation, born between the late 1990s and the early 2010s, is the largest generation in American history. It’s also the most ethnically diverse and digitally savvy generation to date.

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Meet Juan Casimiro of BIZNOVATOR in Doral

Today we’d like to introduce you to Juan Casimiro.

What began in Juan’s startup career in 1987 laid the groundwork for educational empowerment for youth and adults around the world. Now with 30+ years of experience as a public speaker, entrepreneur…

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BIZNOVATOR realiza taller intensivo para jóvenes en Santiago

Parte de los objetivos del taller,fue la tarea de un “Desafío de Impacto Social”

Este taller tuvo como finalidad ayudar a los jóvenes a transformar sus pensamientos, a aprender a cómo tomar acciones inmediatas y a conocer sobre las habilidades más importantes…

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